Tap Tap Shots

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Tap Tap Shots: Test Your Basketball Skills and Aim for the Hoop in this Addictive Tapping Game!

Experience Fast-Paced Basketball Action in Tap Tap Shots – 1000 Free Games to Play!

Welcome to Tap Tap Shots, where your tapping skills will be tested on the basketball court. This fast-paced and addictive game challenges you to tap the screen immediately to shoot the ball into the hoop. How many consecutive shots can you make? Get ready to aim, tap, and score in this exciting basketball tapping game.


  1. Fast and Addictive Gameplay: Engage in fast-paced and addictive gameplay that keeps you hooked. Tap the screen to shoot the basketball and try to score as many consecutive shots as possible. The simple mechanics make it easy to pick up and play, but challenging to master.

  2. Multiple Game Modes: Choose various game modes to keep the excitement going. Challenge yourself in the Classic mode, aiming to beat your high score. Test your skills in the Time Attack mode, where you have a limited time to score as many baskets as possible. With different modes available, there’s always a new challenge to conquer.

  3. Compete for High Scores: Aim to climb the leaderboards and compete for the highest scores. Challenge your friends and players worldwide to see who can tap their way to the top. Keep improving your tapping speed and accuracy to set new records and become the ultimate Tap Tap Shots champion.

  4. Unlock Exciting Rewards: Earn coins as you progress and use them to unlock new basketballs and backgrounds. Customize your gameplay experience and show off your style as you shoot for the hoop. With a variety of unlockable items, there’s always something new to strive for.

  5. Intuitive Controls: Enjoy simple and intuitive controls that allow you to focus on your tapping skills. Tap the screen at the right moment to shoot the ball. Time your taps accurately to achieve perfect shots and increase your score.

  6. 1000 Free Games to Play: Tap Tap Shots is part of a vast collection of free games, offering a wide range of exciting titles across various genres. Enjoy the fast-paced basketball action of Tap Tap Shots and discover numerous other games, all available to play for free.

How to Play:

  • Tap the screen to shoot the basketball.
  • Time your taps to release the ball at the right moment.
  • Aim for the hoop and score as many consecutive shots as possible.
  • Maintain your rhythm and precision to achieve high scores.
  • Unlock new basketballs and backgrounds by earning coins.

Get ready to put your tapping skills to the test, aim for the hoop, and rack up high scores in Tap Tap Shots. With its addictive gameplay, customizable features, and competitive leaderboards, this game offers a thrilling basketball-tapping experience. Explore and discover a world of 1000 free games to play, providing endless entertainment for sports fans and gamers alike. Tap away, improve your accuracy, and become the ultimate basketball tapping champion!

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