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SocCar is a fun sports arcade game in which you play as a soccer squad and operate an RC car. This isn’t your usual soccer game; the teams are made up of RC cars that are controlled by players and AI. As in the regular game, the team that scores the most goals within the time limit wins.


Because the gameplay is so swift and fast-paced, you’ll need to master the controls and mechanics. Oh, and did we mention that each automobile is equipped with a machine gun? To gain the upper hand and score a goal, shoot any enemy players that stand in your way. Have a blast!



  • It’s a free-to-play multiplayer soccer automobile game inspired by Rocket League.
  • As you progress throughout the game, you’ll be able to upgrade your car.
  • There are a lot of cool maneuvers to learn.
  • To direct the ball and fire down opponents, a machine gun is available.
  • There are two thematic arenas.



  • WASD or arrow keys = drive
  • Left mouse button = shoot
  • Right mouse button = roll
  • Shift = boost
  • Space = jump
  • C = to toggle ball camera
  • Esc = menu

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