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PENALTY CHAMPS 22, It’s time for another World Cup of Penalty Shootouts round.

Choose your favorite team and compete against the – PENALTY CHAMPS 22, the best soccer player in the world, to become the ultimate penalty shootout champion.

Pick the national team you want to play for, take shots, try to defend against penalties, and win the trophy.

You can participate in the group stage of the championship or not.

In the group stage, you will face other national teams in your group and need to earn enough points to advance to the knockout stage. If you don’t participate in the group stage, you can directly start playing in the knockout rounds.

You can play against your friends over WiFi, in addition to the regular mode

This feature allows for a more flexible and customizable gameplay experience. Players can compete with their friends in a more intimate setting or participate in the larger tournament structure. It also gives players who missed the group stage a chance to play still and maybe win the tournament. e.

How To Play

To control the shot’s direction, height, and power, click three times before releasing the trigger. When defending, one click is all that is necessary to get the goalkeeper to dive (immediately before the shot, you will see a target that shows where the opponent will shoot).

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