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About the Giant Rush game

Giant Rush is a fast-paced, hyper-casual fighting game featuring giants and other monstrous characters. Fight to the death in this arena full of monsters. In these fighting games, you must hop on the train, run, avoid the obstacles on the track, combine blobs to make yourself stronger, and battle enormous monsters.

The action-packed and hyper-casual fighting game Giant Rush features giant monsters.

Fight to the death in this arena full of monsters. Get on the ship, navigate through the maze of obstacles, combine with other players to gain strength, and battle with colossal monsters.

Engage in combat with the giants

Engage in combat with the giants, avoid their attacks, and bring the opponent to their knees. Determine the best course of action and see your hero through to victory in this fight! Construct a powerful runner and dominate your adversary.

Conquer the conflict by fusing together and improving your heroes, then overcoming any and all challenges that stand in your way.

To battle the giants, you will need a larger and more powerful warrior.

Make your way through dangerous areas

Make your way through dangerous areas, combine heroes to make yourself stronger, and get to the finish line! Fight off the gigantic boss that awaits you at the end of the run. You’ll need to avoid their strikes and fight back to survive the giant boss’s powerful blows.

In brawl games, you will gain experience by competing against powerful giants. Participate in castle invasions, collect and merge resources to grow in size, and engage in combat with giants.

Help guide your runner through a difficult course, where your choices determine whether they come out on top.

The players of this hyper-casual runner game assume the role of a valiant adventurer on a mission to vanquish monstrous giants and acquire priceless treasures while competing in fighting games.

The action-packed, casual fight game Giant Rush has giants, monsters, a lethal arena, and monster duels. Jump on board, navigate the obstacle course, combine blobs to become stronger, and fight off enormous monsters in offline fight games!

Take down the adversary in brawl games by engaging in a sword battle with the enormous monster and dodging oncoming strikes.

Select a plan of attack to help your stickman hero win the crucial battle!

In offline combat games, create a powerful blob runner warrior to destroy your foe.

  • How To Play

Guide your blob runner on a dangerous track; your decisions will make the difference between victory and defeat!

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