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Get ready for a thrilling and spooky adventure with Ghost Blast, one of the exciting additions to the collection of 1,000 free games to play! In this action-packed game, you’ll become a ghost hunter on a mission to rid haunted locations of mischievous spirits. Armed with your trusty ghost blaster, you must zap and capture ghosts while avoiding dangerous traps and obstacles. With its ghostly challenges, vibrant visuals, and addictive gameplay, Ghost Blast is the perfect game for those who love ghost-hunting excitement!


Ghost Blast is an electrifying ghost-hunting game that will put your reflexes and aim to the test. Your objective is to explore haunted houses, abandoned buildings, and eerie graveyards to hunt down mischievous ghosts. Use your ghost blaster to shoot at the roaming spirits, and make sure to capture them all before time runs out. Be cautious of dangerous traps and obstacles, as they can cost you valuable points. Can you prove your ghost-busting skills and become the ultimate ghost hunter?

How to Play

Follow these instructions to become a fearless ghost hunter in Ghost Blast:

  1. Ghost Hunting: Use the mouse to aim and click to shoot at ghosts.
  2. Capture Ghosts: Blast the ghosts with your ghost blaster to capture them and earn points.
  3. Avoid Traps: Stay away from traps and obstacles to avoid losing points.
  4. Time Management: Keep an eye on the timer and clear the area of ghosts before time runs out.
  5. Power-Ups: Collect power-ups to enhance your ghost-blasting abilities and earn extra points.


Ghost Blast is packed with features that will make your ghost-hunting adventure thrilling and enjoyable:

  • Spooky Locations: Explore haunted houses, abandoned mansions, and creepy cemeteries as you hunt ghosts.
  • Challenging Ghosts: Encounter a variety of mischievous ghosts with unique behaviors and traits.
  • Power-Ups: Grab power-ups that provide special abilities, such as rapid fire or ghost-seeking bullets.
  • Tricky Obstacles: Navigate through dangerous traps and obstacles to avoid losing points.
  • Multiple Levels: Progress through different levels, each with increasing difficulty and more challenging ghosts.

Platforms and Controls

Ghost Blast is available on various platforms, ensuring you can enjoy the ghost-hunting action on different devices.

  • Web browsers
  • Windows PC
  • Mac OS


  • Mouse: Aim and shoot at ghosts.
  • Keyboard (optional): Use arrow keys to move the character.

Put on your ghost-hunting gear and get ready to face spooky challenges in Ghost Blast! Blast away ghosts, avoid traps, and prove your skills as the ultimate ghost hunter. Are you up for the haunting adventure? Start playing now!

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