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13 Days in Hell

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13 Days in Hell


13 Days in Hell is an arcade shooter in which you take control of the “chosen one” and must survive an invasion of souls in hell for 13 days. You must shoot and kill the spirits with their axes who are coming at you, or they will chop you up. It’s game over whenever your HP bar (represented as a cross on the lower left) is depleted. You must continue shooting and surviving until the day is over, as indicated by a countdown at the bottom of the screen – the day is over when the timer reaches zero. After each day, you can buy new weapons with the souls you’ve murdered as cash. These weapons are useful because each day, stronger souls wielding these weapons emerge.

  • Mouse cursor = Aim
  • Left mouse button = Shoot
  • R / Space = Reload
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 = Change weapon



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