Game description
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Temple Run 2


Embark on a heart-pounding adventure with “Temple Run 2,” an exhilarating addition to the collection of 1000 free games to play. Get ready to test your reflexes, dodge obstacles, and race through treacherous paths as you aim for the highest score in this endless runner game.

“Temple Run 2” takes the excitement of the original game to new heights. Navigate through ancient ruins, dark tunnels, and perilous cliffs while escaping from the clutches of a cursed idol. With improved graphics, smoother gameplay, and new challenges, this game promises an adrenaline-pumping experience like no other.



How to Play

  1. Swipe Controls: Swipe left or right to change lanes, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to slide under obstacles.
  2. Tilt Movement: Tilt your device to steer your character on curved paths.
  3. Collect Coins: Gather coins along the way to unlock power-ups and upgrades.
  4. Power-Ups: Grab power-ups such as shields and magnets to enhance your run.
  5. Avoid Obstacles: Dodge obstacles, jump over gaps, and slide under barriers to keep running.



  • Spectacular Graphics: Immerse yourself in stunning visuals as you traverse diverse environments.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Face new challenges and obstacles with every run, ensuring a fresh experience each time.
  • Character Upgrades: Unlock new characters and upgrade their abilities for even better runs.
  • Global Leaderboards: Compete against players worldwide to see who can achieve the highest score.
  • Special Abilities: Utilize special abilities like the power boost to temporarily increase your speed.


Platforms and Controls

“Temple Run 2” is available on:

  • Mobile Devices: Play on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.
  • Web Browser: Some versions can be played directly from your web browser.



  • Swipe: Use swipes to control your character’s movements and actions.
  • Tilt: Tilt your device to guide your character left or right.


Get your adrenaline pumping and your reflexes ready as you navigate perilous paths, collect coins, and strive for the highest score in “Temple Run 2.” As part of the array of 1000 free games to play, this endless runner game offers fast-paced action and thrilling challenges that will keep you coming back for more. Dodge obstacles, overcome barriers, and race through ancient landscapes as you aim to escape the clutches of the cursed idol. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or new to the adventure, “Temple Run 2” promises endless excitement and fun as you strive to beat your own records and climb the global leaderboards.