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Basket Champs – Play 1,000 Free Games Online

Step onto the basketball court and show off your skills in “Basket Champs” – a fast-paced and addictive sports game! With 1,000 free games to play, “Basket Champs” offers an exciting basketball experience where you can showcase your shooting and dunking abilities. Compete against opponents from around the world and become the ultimate basketball champion!


“Basket Champs” is a thrilling basketball game that puts you in the shoes of a basketball superstar. Your goal is to score as many points as possible within a limited time. Show off your shooting precision, perfect your free throws, and execute epic slam dunks to impress the crowd and lead your team to victory!

How to Play

Experience the thrill of the basketball court in “Basket Champs” with these simple steps:

  1. Choose Your Team: Select your favorite basketball team from a range of different countries and get ready to hit the court.
  2. Time-limited Matches: Engage in exciting one-on-one matches, each with a time limit. Score as many baskets as you can before the clock runs out.
  3. Aim and Shoot: Use the mouse or touch controls to aim your shots. Time your throws carefully to make those perfect shots and earn extra points for precision.
  4. Perform Slam Dunks: Fill up the dunk meter by scoring consecutive baskets and unleash jaw-dropping slam dunks for massive points.
  5. Win the Tournament: Compete in various basketball tournaments and defeat opponents to become the ultimate “Basket Champs” champion.


“Basket Champs” packs a range of exciting features to keep you hooked:

  • Multiple Teams: Choose from a variety of national basketball teams, each with unique playing styles and skills.
  • Realistic Gameplay: Enjoy realistic basketball physics and smooth controls for an immersive gaming experience.
  • Dunk Meter: Show off your dunking skills and fill up the dunk meter for spectacular slam dunks.
  • Compete Online: Play against players from around the world and climb the global leaderboards to showcase your basketball prowess.

Platforms and Controls

You can experience “Basket Champs” on various platforms for a seamless gaming experience:

  • Web browsers
  • Android and iOS devices


  • Web: Use the mouse to aim and shoot. Click and hold to set the shot’s power, release to shoot the ball.
  • Mobile: Utilize touch controls to aim and shoot with precision.

Become a basketball legend in “Basket Champs” as you outscore opponents and lead your team to victory! Test your basketball skills and aim for the highest score in this thrilling sports game. Play “Basket Champs” now and prove you are the true basketball champion!